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Icy Land (by David)

by on August 6, 2013

We had a nice flight and are settled in to our apartment in Iceland. It’s an interesting place… here are a few initial observations:

It’s windy… a pilot I sat next to on the flight says that airplane manufacturers come here to test how well their planes land in cross winds.

It’s cold… people were wearing down parkas with fur collars in the grocery store.

It’s light all the time…. here’s a photo out our window at 10:30 pm. Renee was up at midnight and said it was still light enough outside to read.


It’s all about the outdoors… almost everyone else on our plane was dressed in trekking clothes/boots and carrying backpacks. We’ll be dabbling, not immersing, in the outdoors.

Yes, the Icelandic language is very strange.  Example: there’s been a marketing campaign for Diet Coke all over Europe with “Share a Diet Coke with XXXX”, where XXXX is a different name printed on every bottle… David, Sebastian, etc.   Here, you can share a Diet Coke with Vinnufelogunum. I think I’d call myself Vinny with a name like that.


It’s very (very) expensive… even after accounting for the strange exchange rate where 1000 Iceland Kroner is $8.42 USD, here’s a simple sandwich for “1,290” koroner… over $10.00. The grocery store trip for a week’s supplies was $180, and the rental car is over $100/day.


The cold water tastes very good… at dinner it was the first time on the trip that we asked for a bottle of water at our table and they brought a carafe of tap water. Guess there’s not a big market for bottled water when there’s a glacier nearby, especially since the bottles would have to be brought in on a ship.

Alex couldn’t figure out why his shower smelled like eggs last night… turns out they have totally separate piping systems for hot and cold water, and the hot water comes from geothermal sources so has lots of sulphur and smells like rotten eggs!







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  1. Uncle John permalink

    I hear eggs are good for your hair, so you should be all shiny when you come home.
    Are you going to visit Eyjafjallajökull ?

  2. Uncle Phil permalink

    I’m glad to see you’re no longer stuck in Ned Flanders’ field–I was beginning to think this was a Groundhog Day thing.
    I guess Anna learned to make up silly words from her Uncle John!
    I just hope that “Vinney” doesn’t decide to shorten his name to Flegm.

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