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Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!

by on August 13, 2013

Europalooza 2013 is over and done. We’re home and recovering from jet lag.

Last year we kept a fun list of the unusual and amusing things that we liked on the trip; somehow we didn’t get into the swing of that this year. Sorry.

Some key statistics looking back:

7 countries

11 cities

8 planes

1 ferry

2 trains

5 apartments

6 hotels

1 very nice house

Lots of spaghetti bolognese and pizza margherita

4 Hard Rock Cafes

Not too many McDonald’s or Burger Kings (they were really bad so we avoided them)

No whale blubber

Not enough Greek yogurt with honey

Lots of yummy desserts

1,543 photos

186 lbs of luggage

83 blog posts and 154 comments (mostly Uncle Phil!)


It’s tough to answer the question “what was your favorite thing?”, but ….

Alex says that his best thing on the trip was the day at the BMW Factory and BMW World

Anna’s was riding a zipline across the Munich Olympic Stadium, and she really enjoyed seeing her friends Isla and Olivia in Belgium

Things that stood out to Renee and I were:

– The day seeing sights around Ephesus where we saw Mary’s house and St. John’s church, and had an awesome lunch

– The food on Samos

– The World War I sights around Ypres

– Mycenea

Once again, we all enjoyed the small towns more than the big cities. Renee and I will someday go back to Turkey and Greece, but we’ll skip the cities and go see more ancient history out in the hinterlands.


All in all, we had a great time. The lessons we learned from last year’s trip served us well: a few weeks shorter, more small towns, and moving from south to north as the summer got hotter, were all good things. And we learned to always carry PowerBars in our backpack, for when the kids got hungry. Nobody got sick or was injured (other than Renee’s knee which was a pre-trip injury), nothing was lost or stolen, we made all our flights on time and our rented apartments all worked out as intended. Anna and Alex were real troopers… special thumbs up to Anna for carrying more than her share of backpacks and suitcases due to Renee’s knee. In fact, that knee was the only standout issue, and after Renee learned how to take some pressure off it with the crutch, it really didn’t hold us back.

So… good time the second time, and we’ll do it again! Next year’s trip will be the American History tour of the East Coast. See you then!


PS: Since it was the last thing we saw as we were leaving the last thing to see in Iceland on the way to the airport, it’s time for one last….




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One Comment
  1. Uncle Phil permalink

    So sorry I missed you guys as you came through Denver on Saturday–we were up in Loveland looking at sculptures–it would have been a great opportunity for me to pick up the doggie bag.
    Just slide the bag into your freezer, and I’ll pick it up my next time through Portola Goat Valley (you can leave the beemer in the garage, though).
    We really enjoyed the kids’ blogging (even if you couldn’t glean that from the comments!).
    Welcome home!!

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