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Summer Extravaganza 2014: This time, the U S of A

by on June 22, 2014

Welcome back to our summer trip blog. We’re all scurrying around today trying to get packed up… this time, for an 8-week tour of the East Coast of America. We fly in to Portland Maine on Tuesday, and then at the end of August, fly home from New Orleans, having driven over 3,000 miles in a rental car, and seeing 16 states….or perhaps 18 if we drive a little out of our way and get into West Virginia and Georgia.

We’re of course doing the big stops: Boston, New York and DC. But continuing the idea that we like being out in the world, our trip will also include such hot spots as Quechee Gorge VT, Sperryville VA and Pigeon Forge TN. And everywhere in between.

Follow our adventures here!


PS: First impression of this trip is that it’s a lot easier to prepare for a USA trip than for Europe…. no power converters, no foreign money, no passports….. and if we leave anything behind, we’re always within 15 miles of a Walmart!


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  1. John Beaver permalink

    I think these trips are all a hoax like the mars landings in Capricorn One and all the lunar landing we supposedly pulled off with computers less powerful then this thing on my lap I’m writing with. Until I see you actually go into WallMart and photograph some good ol American white trash ( hard to fake that stuff) I’m not buying it.

    • Aunt Ginny permalink

      When you get to NYC: You will see that you are always 1 block away from a Duane Reade…no Walmarts or Costcos or Targets, except in a few isolated locations and most outside of Manhattan.

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    John, I can assure you there is no hoax…I miss them terribly and they’ve only been gone 1 day. All I ever see in PV is Anna at the kitchen table doing homework at dinner and early am at “Mommy School” and Alex nestled in his desk chair with about 10 computers all around him and he’s wearing a headset as if to pilot a plane. And now they are gone for the summer again…

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