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An interesting way to start (Alex)

by on June 25, 2014

We started today by waking up at 3:00. I usually wake up at 6:30, so it was early for me. We got to SFO at 4:30. Everything was normal (except for the fact that everyone in the Beaver family did not have to take off hats, jackets, and shoes because of TSA PreCheck), and we got to our gate. The flight to Washington DC (where we were transferring) took a little over 5 hours. We had a 2 hour layover, which was enough time to get a burrito. Our second plane was a CRJ700 that had a surprisingly large amount of legroom (for being a regional jet). The seat wasn’t very soft, except it was made up by the extra legroom. About an hour later, we arrived in Portland Maine. We got to Portland, and we were pretty full. Look at this sentence: We got to Portland. One of our bags did not. Sometimes you hear that Its not the fall that kills you, but its the sudden stop. It was not the flight that annoyed us, but the time after the landing that did. Basically, at 4:30, the bag checker was a little bit groggy, and gave one of our bags a non-stop ticket from San Francisco to Boston (102 miles south of us). The United Baggage helper was able to get it on the next flight to Portland from Boston, and we expect to see it at about 10:00 tomorrow (the day after this post is posted). After getting our rental car (a Chevy Impala), we went to find dinner. Along the way, we saw some interesting things. First, we say one of those things that you can stick your head through. It was in the shape of a lobster.

20140624-231639-83799286.jpg Across the street, was a river. In that river, was something Anna and mom did not recognize, but Dad and I did. This was it:

20140624-231817-83897441.jpg In case if you have not seen this before, this is a Google Experience barge. Google has had some problems in the San Francisco Bay with this barge, except Maine seems fine with it. This barge is still under construction. At the end of the day, we had dinner. Anna and I had a cheese flatbread (which is essentially thin-crust pizza). We also had this really good ice cream which was two to three scoops in a tiny cone.

20140624-232206-84126928.jpg #annaselfie

Anna had crocodile (vanilla with M&Ms) and I had SeaBiscuit (Vanilla with Biscotti).
Even though we had the baggage problem, I still really enjoyed the first day and Portland Maine.


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  1. Uncle Eric permalink

    Hey Allie B
    That’s a lobster! You’ll have to try some in Maine!

  2. Lucy permalink

    Alex- You look good enough to eat! (You are just lucky I don’t like lobster!!) 🙂

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    I love lobster…bring some home. Okay…have you had enough fun yet…time to come home and chill.

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