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The First Day (Anna)

by on June 25, 2014

Its not often that you can wake up to the Pacific Ocean and fall asleep by the Atlantic. After a long day of flying, we are all REALLY TIRED!!!!!!!!! The trip went from chaotic to boring, with rushing off planes to waiting for the next one to come. The airports were sometimes hot and stuffy, and the outside could be really cold. We had some turbulent landings, but nobody got motion-sick. For dinner, we went to this pizza place recommended by the woman at the front desk, which was really good. Afterwards, we went to this really cool ice-cream shop, where we ate mini ice-creams. The day was really long, but I am glad that we are in Maine.


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  1. Uncle John permalink

    Many good ice cream stores in Maine. I would make it a daily event.

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    My 2 favorites: East coast Pizza and ice cream. Yummy. Try italian ices when you get to NYC too.

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