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Some photos (David)

by on June 26, 2014

I expect our enthusiasm for blogging… and your enthusiasm for commenting… will subside over the coming weeks. But we’re all off to a good start!

Here are some photos:

Yes Uncle John, here is proof we went to Walmart


Chicken for four… Or forty?


Lubec Maine


Staying in the Keepers Cottage at the lighthouse station that’s been renovated into a B&B… Well, just a B actually because we’re on our own for breakfast


The lighthouse and tablet proving that we’re as far Down East as you can be


Fog over the Bay of Fundy…. Yes, the tides change a lot


PS: Anna’s post about the raindrops at 12:25 pm missed the point….which was these were the first raindrops of what we expect will be many on the trip. We’re watching the rain from the keepers cottage right now.

PPS: Yes, when Alex stretches he’s almost as tall as Mommy. Anna too, but she doesn’t care to stretch.

So far so good. (The missing suitcase is waiting for us back in Portland)



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  1. Mary Ann Draeger permalink

    It is 7:00 am and I’m craving fried chicken!
    Now I know why people collect lighthouses, your pictures at Lubec are wonderful!
    Keepers Cottage at the lighthouse station looks like a great place to solve a murder mystery.
    Have you had a lobster yet to eat ? Or do you just do photo with lobsters.
    Love your adventure keep it coming

  2. Uncle John permalink

    Nice picture of Walmart. I’m especially pleased with the “white trash” customer in the background

  3. Dave Courington permalink

    Funny thing about the Wal-Mart photo showing the Red Neck Taffy… I live in the midst of Red Neck country and we do not even have that taffy at our Wal-Mart… I guess that is fitting though as most of the patrons of our Wal-Mart do not have the teeth for such a treat. It looks like a lot of fun, and I do hope you get to eat a lobster roll soon.

  4. Lucy permalink

    You weren’t joking about the amount of chicken. Wow! And it’s official- I definitely think when they get back both Anna and Alex are going to be taller than me. 😦

  5. Aunt Ginny permalink

    When is Phil going to sign in,..he would have some witty comments about the Walmart photo. You know how I tend to be way behind in reading these blog posts…I almost made a comment in a Bavaria note! Go USA…Go USA…soccer is what I am referring to.

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