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The rain in Maine is plainly along the ocean (Alex)

by on June 27, 2014

Today, we started off by going to Camobello Island. This island is where Franklin Roosevelt went for summer vacation. To get to this island, we went across a bridge. Long story short, this island is the only International Park. Basically, an International Park is a historical site that is managed by a treaty between 2 counties. In this case, it was the US and Canada. The island is on Canadian Soil, but is part of US heritage. As this island is on Canadian Soil, you have to go through customs. On the Canadian side, the customs person asked for passports. We then entered the official part of the island.

20140626-204302-74582540.jpg As you can see, this island is operated by the Canadian Province of New Brunswick. We saw a short movie, and then we saw the Roosevelt’s 36-room 3-story cottage. You may be wondering how this is a cottage. A cottage (at that time) could have no insulation, and no basement. We then saw another cottage, that was the cottage of the friends of the Roosevelt’s. Remember how we were getting Rogers in the US? Guess what we got in Canada:

20140626-204809-74889775.jpg Did we really just get AT&T in Canada and Rogers in the US? Isn’t global roaming nice. We got in the car and drove to Bar Harbor (pronounced Ba Ha Ba according to the mugs in the stores). Along the way, we stopped at a Dunkin Donughts. We got to Bar Harbor, and looked at the stores. The selfie of the day:

20140626-205947-75587464.jpg Anna riding on a rocking horse in a store

We had dinner (I had pasta and meatballs), and then some really good desert. We got German Chocolate Cake, Banoffee, and Blueberry Cheesecake. Our favorite was the Blueberry Cheesecake, though the German Chocolate Cake brought back some memories to Dad. This is basically what we did today.


Hence the name of the post, there was much rain to be had.


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  1. Bill permalink

    Just caught up on entire blog. Must say, Beavers hit the ground running. Impressive! Many interesting sights reported in one week. Hope the education continues. Also, hope for completely safe travels.

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