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The auto-clearing bridge (Alex)

by on June 28, 2014

Today, we went to Acadia National Park. Acadia National Park is the only National Park in the Northeast. This national park was mostly hiking trails (some literally vertical), with a ton of lakes scattered throughout. We started by seeing a sandy beach (which is very hard to find in Maine), rocks, more rocks, and even more rocks. Along with this, there was the ocean. By the ocean, I mean that if you faced east, there was no land between you and Spain. Also, we are about half way between the equator and Iceland.

Here are some rocks that we climbed on:



After seeing lots of rocks, we went to lunch. Along the way, we saw a Beaver Lodge in a pond, that we were able to walk up to. When we got to the restaurant, we got on the 40-minute wait-list (as there is no other food in the park), and went on a hike. One thing that I noticed is that the word Jordan was used a lot (I could not find the reason on the internet). Maybe a lot of people have the name Jordan around here. We had lunch (including popovers), and then had desert. For desert, we had a popover sundae.

20140627-204009-74409913.jpg I preferred the regular popovers than the sundaes.

We then went up Cadillac Mountain. Cadillac was an early explorer who also founded Detroit, which is why the automobile company is called Cadillac. The selfie of the day

20140627-204158-74518921.jpgToday’s selfie is of me on top of Cadillac Mountain
For those of you from the SF Bay Area, Mount Diablo is twice as tall as Cadillac Mountain, and Cadillac Mountain is the largest mountain on the Atlantic Coast.

When we got back to Bar Harbor, we walked across the bar… a rocky strip that connects two islands that is above water at low tide. To give you an idea of what it was like, there was a very wide rocky “bridge” that did not look the same 6 hours later. This sign was posted:

20140627-204631-74791519.jpg Yet, many people (including commercial trucks/busses/cars) were parked on the bar. Guess what was on the other side? Acadia National Park! If you haven’t already noticed, Acadia National Park takes up a lot of space on these islands.

I went swimming, we had dinner in our room (Chicken and Mac and Cheese) and we are now going to get ice cream. That is what happened today.


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  1. Ben W permalink

    Hi Beavers. Just wanted to let Alex know that for my birthday I got a nexus 7 2nd gen! Its really fun

  2. Jerry beaver permalink

    Thirty days has september April June and noember

  3. bill permalink

    Question: what type of rock were standing on at the ocean’s edge i. Arcadia? Granite or sandstone?

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