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Big Island (Alex)

by on June 29, 2014

*Please note that this post is in the past tense, as I am writing this post the day after this post is about

Yesterday, we went to “Big Island”. Big Island is an island in a bay in New Hampshire, that Anna’s friends own. We started by going to L.L. Bean and Eartha. Eartha is the worlds largest revolving globe, created by a map company.

20140629-092746-34066172.jpg The selfie of the day

20140629-093018-34218416.jpgWe then got our bags, and drove to New Hampshire. We got to a dock to get to the island, and then went on Anna’s friend’s boat.

20140629-092728-34048592.jpg We stayed at the island for a while, and jumped into the lake. After jumping into the lake for a while, we went on a boat ride. We started by going to Anna’s Friend’s Grandparent’s house (which is on the lake, along with the cousin’s houses). We then went back to the dock. We got off, and everybody else stayed on.

20140629-093219-34339991.jpg We got back to the dock at sunset, so we had amazing views of the sunset.

20140629-093331-34411137.jpg We finally got to our hotel at Mount Washington at about 10:00. Yesterday was a really fun, and exciting day.


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