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MIscellaneous update (David)

by on June 29, 2014

Greetings from Carlson’s Lodge… a very rustic throwback-to-the-1950s hotel in the hills of New Hampshire.


I’ll let the kids do the actual update on today’s events….. I’ll just add a bit of color commentary to the last few days:

Alex’s piece this morning re: our evening on the lake with the Morse family was a little terse….. yesterday was a very long day and we had to get an early start today. But the photos did the job. Renee and I are really happy that the kids got a taste… however brief… of the classic New England “summer at the lakeside cottage” experience. We just don’t have any equivalent to that in our California life.

Alex posted good photos, but neglected to post one of himself. He had a GREAT time at the lake, even saying “this is more fun than a Disney cruise” which is high praise indeed.


As Alex reported, we did get quite a few fun sights in on our drive from Bar Harbor to New Hampshire…. it made the day quite long, but broke it up with stops. The Maine coast has a zillion fun things that we could have done if we had more time, but Maine had its time, and it’s on to NH and VT.

Looking back, a couple of things that didn’t get enough attention in the kids’ blogs:

There’s a bay along the Maine coast where the 15-foot tides create a Tidal Waterfall (rapids actually); there can’t be all that many of those in the world:


The Lupine flowers were in bloom everywhere we went in Maine… quite lovely. (But I can’t find a photo right now….. will insert later)

Kudos to those who noticed that we’re traveling light… we’re carrying 50% fewer pounds of stuff than last year. (And our missing bag was, happily, waiting for us in Portland.) But the electronic devices are multiplying…. right now as we wind down from a long day, we’re each using ours. Here’s what we have (not counting the laptop in the suitcase and the iPhone that took the photo)


I wonder how quaint this will look when we review this blog in 10 years?

Thumbs up after 4 days in Maine and 1 in New Hampshire. Good night to all

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  1. Tracey Kenn permalink

    Ahhh….swimming in a lake in New Hampshire. That’s been my summers for forty years and counting. Wolfeboro on Lake Winnipesaukee. Heaven. So glad you guys are visiting NH. My favorite state 🙂

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Love the selfie shots and of course the multitude of devices photo!

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