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Mount Weatherton (Alex)

by on June 30, 2014

Today we went to Mount Washington. We started by going up on a cog rail. This was the first cog rail ever, and the 2nd steepest.

20140629-212212-76932694.jpg This cog railway was so fast, it clocked out at 5MPH on our ride! Dad and Anna liked testing out the steepness along the way.

20140629-212402-77042655.jpgThis picture was taken at Jordan’s Ladder, the steepest part of the climb @ 34% grade
On the picture above, dad was standing what would be straight up, if we were on flat terrain. After the 1 hour ride, we got to the summit. There were some amazing views.

20140629-212657-77217810.jpgThe selfie of the day

20140629-212743-77263090.jpgTodays selfie is me on the summit. We walked around the weather museum (2nd highest recorded wind speeds, highest recorded by man), and saw some interesting videos. Even in the summer, if you are hiking up, there is a chance that you might be caught in snow.

20140629-212959-77399576.jpg Aren’t they so inviting. It should say:

Come on in! Occasionally, people have died here, but you can do it! Just make sure that you know how to use your equipment, and are prepared for relatively bad weather. *you are liable for dying in these mountains

After going back down, we decided to hike.

20140629-213445-77685898.jpg We almost got to the road, but were not sure that we would end up on the road, so we turned back. When we got back, we noticed a sign.

20140629-213544-77744703.jpg Another sign said: Limit: 2. It really should have said:

Fishing for kids. Limit of kids to be caught: 2. May the catches be in your favor, always.

This is basically what happened today.


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  1. Uncle John permalink

    If you catch the kids do you have to throw them back?

  2. Uncle John permalink

    … Is the weather as bad as a summer in San Francisco?

    • I would rather be in SF in the summer. You don’t have to worry about the worst weather in the US, and the 2nd in the world. 🙂

  3. The comments from davidbeaverpv was actually me.

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