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2 quick notes (David)

by on July 1, 2014

When you travel, your daily life is all about food. Here are two food notes:

1). Sitting on a bench in the shade on a nice summer day, in the town square of a small Vermont town, eating local apple pie with hand made ice cream, may not quite be “as good as it gets”, but it’s pretty darn good.


2) In 1978 my family did a 3 week car trip of the East Coast that this trip will overlap with a lot in the next few weeks. I distinctly remember that we had quite a few meals at Friendly’s restaurants… sort of the East Coast version of Denny’s with lots of ice cream treats, including the Friendly Fribble milk shake. Tonight we took the kids to Friendly’s, just to give them the same memory. It was better in my memory than in reality. Oh well. But the Fribble is still on the menu !



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  1. bill permalink

    Some of us transplanted northeasterners remember Friendly’s, too. One located in Kingston, NY, was frequented by my high school classmates and one or two of them worked there. It was a little tame for me. More often, I rode my motorcycle from school to Woodstock rather than to Friendly’s or home.

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