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Mass’pikes of weather (Alex)

by on July 2, 2014

Today we drove to Boston. We started at the Norman Rockwell museum. Norman was a famous painter, known for his art in newspapers/magazines. The museum had a movie, gallery, and another gallery (which had some of the same art). We spent some time in the galleries, and then went to his studio. His studio was very open, and had north-facing windows. The north-facing windows are very important, as they create steady light throughout the day.

We then went to the Hancock Shaker Village. This village is not currently used as a home for the Shakers, as the only one left is in Maine. This is caused by the fact that Shakers weren’t big on having babies so they ran out of Shakers.

The selfie of the day:

20140702-211545-76545096.jpgToday’s selfie is of me in the Shaker Village.
We saw some very interesting things. There was a round barn, that was very efficent. There was a center with hay, a ring with the livestock around it, and a ring around that where the Shakers walked.

20140702-211739-76659138.jpg There also was a demonstration of making oval boxes. The oval boxes are very famous in the Shaker culture. We looked at the buildings, and then something happened. It started raining. In California, it does not rain that often. Here is the radar screenshot taken from the Masspike (or Massachusetts Turnpike):

20140702-212112-76872246.jpgWe are the blue dot
We got into the car (soaking wet), and then realized that we had cracked the windows to cool down the car. The car was also a little bit wet.

We finally drove to Boston on the Masspike. We got this warning on dad’s phone while driving:

20140702-212331-77011479.jpg Along with this image came an annoying sequence of obnoxious beeps that did its purpose, to get our attention. Of course, the storm headed away towards Boston, which was an incentive to get to Boston before the storm. [Please note that away was strikethroughed. I am not sure how it turned out on your device] We finally got to Boston, got in our apartment, found a parking lot that will park our car for $25 a day (or we could get tickets for $30 a day), and are now going to sleep. This is what we did today.

Note for anybody wanting somebody’s attention: Making obnoxious, unwanted sounds will get people’s attention. I have experienced this on behalf of the NWS (with flashflood warnings) and AT&T (when you don’t hang up after leaving a voice mail on somebody’s phone: Hello? Are you there? Press 4 to continue your voicemail message, or 5 to end the call. Hello? Are you there? Press 4 to continue your voicemail message, or 5 to end the call.


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  1. No flash floods (yet). The screenshot of the notification and radar are the closest I could blog about. I do have a video, however (on Dad’s phone).

  2. Sorry…the pic under the round barn wasn’t of the round barn.

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