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Chance of Showers (Alex)

by on July 4, 2014

This blog post is for today and yesterday
Yesterday, we did the Freedom Trail in Boston. We started by going on a guided tour around the North-end. There were 2 tours, one on the half-hour, and the other on the hour. There was a really good crepe shop next to the visitor center.

The Selfie of the day* *This selfie is for yesterday and today


Today’s selfie is of Anna with a crepe

We then started on one end of the Freedom Trail (near the park) and worked our way back. There was a graveyard that had the graves of those who died in the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and others. Once we got to the second graveyard, we stopped, because all of the buildings were closed. We also saw the Old North Church, and the site of the Boston Massacre.

20140704-164900-60540859.jpg After spending a little bit of time in our apartment, we walked to the fireworks. Keep in mind that yesterday was July 3rd, and the fireworks were then. This is because Hurricane Arthur was supposed to hit Boston on July 4th. We were a little tired (as the fireworks were supposed to start at 10:00).

20140704-164827-60507736.jpgThere was announcement:

Due to weather, we will be starting the fireworks early. Please be aware that if weather permits, we will do the 1812 Overture after the fireworks

I also liked how there was an advertisement that said, “The Boston POPS Firework Spectacular is brought to you ad-free by Liberty Mutual Insurance”. Does that make sense?

The concert ended (the concert is very famous at the Boston Fireworks show), and the fireworks started.

20140704-165434-60874617.jpg It got to the point were I thought that Massachusetts was just showing off, by making fire rain from the sky.

20140704-165517-60917281.jpg We left the show and started walking home. Right as we were walking down a parkway, we heard screams. Not only were there screams, but Boston and Massachusetts Police were swarming the streets. This was not a bombing (which you could tell that the Boston Marathon Bombing had happened a little while ago, based on security and the fact that the security line was worse than Heathrow on a bad day), nor a murder, but rain. Yes, people were screaming about rain. It was about as bad as the Masspike storm, except we were walking in it. We got home after 30 minutes, and of course, the rain stopped when we entered the apartment.

That is what happened yesterday.

We walked 12 miles

Today we finished the Freedom Trail with our friends, the Kellys. We started by meeting them at a reading of the Declaration of Independence. The person reading made about 60 mistakes (he was probably nervous), and used very little expression. We then went to a printing press, probably from the time of the revolution. We saw the person print a copy of the Declaration of Independence, and then bought the one we saw being pressed.



20140704-170819-61699754.jpg We then finished the Freedom Trail. One of these spots was the Old North Church. We looked at the “Box Pews”, and then took a tour of the church. We started by going up to where the bells were rung. One of the first people to ring the bells was Paul Revere, age 15 at the time. We then looked at the underground graveyard. We then looked at the graveyard with the people that died in the Boston Massacre again, with wreaths in front of the graves. After that, we had lunch, we then had Cannoli. We just got back to the apartment, and will be seeing the Kelly family again on Sunday. This is what happened today.


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