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Finishing the Freedom Trail (Anna)

by on July 4, 2014

Today, we finished the Freedom Trail in the rain, with our friends the Kellys.


It was cloudy until about 11:30, before it started sprinkling. Then, the rain started. It is 4:30 right now, and we are inside the apartment, because the edge of the hurricane is passing over us, and it is pretty wet outside. Luckily, there are several floors above us, so the lightning isn’t as scary as it was yesterday. We went to a really cool printing store, where we saw a copy of the Declaration of Independence printed, then bought that copy. Then, we went to the Old North Church, where the lanterns for Paul Revere were lit.

Here we are in the belfry of the tower of the church:


It was really creepy, because we also got a tour of the catacombs where people were buried. Then, we all went to a really cool pastry shop, and ate a cannoli.


This morning, we had heard the Declaration of Independence read, and the guy who read it messed up A LOT! We counted and he messed up over 30 times in one half of the Declaration.

Overall, today was fun and wet.


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