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by on July 4, 2014

One of my memories from our family trip in 1978 was walking (and walking and walking) around Boston following the Freedom Trail, seeing famous old stuff and sweating on a hot summer day.

So…. let’s see what the kids say about their identical day yesterday…..


In case the kids don’t quite make the point… Last night’s rain storm after the fireworks was an incredible experience. We were walking home in a big park with thousands of other people, and we heard a growing roar behind us…. a lot like when the “wave” comes around to you in a stadium. We looked back to see what it was…. and it was a combination of the people yelling and the rain falling in a “microburst” that was passing over us. The skies simply opened up. We had our raincoats in bags in our hands, and we got drenched in the 10 seconds it took to put them on. It lasted about 20 min, and everyone walked home very, very wet. There was no place for shelter… all the awnings over building entrances were packed with people. Glad we anticipated it and had coats and ponchos, too bad we weren’t wearing them.

As I always say, the whole point of these trips is to get out in the world and have experiences!

This wasn’t Hurricane Arthur rain, just a summer thunderstorm. The hurricane has been no big deal for us today…. just light rain all afternoon, no wind, and it’ll all be gone tomorrow. We’ll see if it impacts any of our destinations in the next week… glad we didn’t plan to go to Nantucket!


Very cool today to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence in the same place where it was first read to the people in 1776. There was a glimpse of us on local TV news, clapping along to “Stars and Stripes Forever”. USA! USA!


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  1. Uncle John permalink

    Happy 4th.

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