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You know you’re in Massachusetts when…(Alex)

by on July 5, 2014

Today we went to Salem Massachusetts. Salem is most commonly know for their witch trials. The city government sure knows how to make a big deal about something:

20140705-204133-74493428.jpg Basically, the TAXIs, Police Cars, Fire trucks, ambulances, every other government automobile, tourist bureau, etc. all have witches on a broom in their logo. Also, the stores emphasized on witches. Witch Candy, Witch Pizza, Witch Ice Cream, everything was witch related. People also had witch tours, that gave tours of sites related to the witch trials. Keep in mind that the trials only lasted for 1 year. We took a witch tour, and the big emphasis was the graveyard. Apparently, people from Massachusetts love their graveyards, as there are very famous ones in Salem and Boston. In the graveyard was a tree that was very good for hugging.

20140705-204930-74970457.jpg We saw many graves, one of which caught our eyes.

If you noticed, it went:


We learned all about how people were falsely accused, and how you either stayed in jail (5 of the people died in jail), you could be hanged/pressed, or you could accuse other people of being witches. Also, when someone was a witch, they had to buy food in jail, pay to be in jail, and pay to leave jail*. *this was before the colonies. Once we finished the tour, Anna took a Selfie of the day with a mannequin named Lucy.

Here you go Salem Tourist Bureau, you wanted it: #selfiewithlucy (they actually had a sign saying please type #selfiewithlucy ). To get a better view, here is a non-selfie:

20140705-210338-75818725.jpg We then saw the House of Seven Gables. In the front, we saw what we thought was Massachusetts’ most overweight cat, who’s name is Dusty.

20140705-211309-76389680.jpgThe picture does not give the true obesity of this cat. His diameter is much larger than the picture gives the impression of, due to lack of pixels
The house had a very low roof, narrow staircases, and a secret passage to the third floor. We do not have pictures, as they made very clear that pictures were forbidden at all times. There were quite a few rooms, and for the wealthy. The roofs got higher as you went along, as the owner became very wealthy. You will not believe how many gables there were. There were 7! 🙂 We walked around Salem, and then went back to Boston (pronounced Baa-sten). This is what we did today.

Just a quick note, I did find the twitter hashtag selfiewithlucy. Click here to go to #selfiewithlucy on Twitter. Please note that this might take you to the mobile twitter site, even if you are on a desktop/laptop as I created the link on a tablet/iPad. Thanks! -Alex
Another thing that I forgot to mention: Anna had Gobstopper flavored ice cream.

20140705-212529-77129179.jpg Anna liked it. The rest of the family thought that the bubble gum ice cream (which reminded us of cough medicine) and the M&Ms were terrible. Dad has decided that gobstopper flavored ice cream does not deserve a daddy tax. 😛
Last note, the whole thing about you know when you know you’re in Massachusetts is about the fact that Let It Go was playing at the Boston fireworks 😦 , and Happy was playing at the Salem Fireworks 👿 (I hope the emoticon works *cross fingers*. Terrible choice of songs. Thats why you know you’re in Mass. when annoying songs are playing everywhere during fireworks and concerts for the fireworks.


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  1. THE EMOTICON (or Smiley as it is called in WordPress) WORKED!!! Thank you wordpress. 👿

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