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Now we know why its the CharlieCard (Alex)

by on July 6, 2014

Today, we went to Bunker Hill. Bunker Hill was one of the first battlefields of a battle between the colonies and Britain. This battle was before the Declaration of Independence. We took a tour, that was very nice. We now know that most of the really good tours are by the NPS. We walked for a little while, and then got to the obelisk. The selfie of the day.

20140706-213730-77850910.jpgMe in front of the obelisk.
We walked up 297 stairs, took some pictures at the top, and then went down 297 steps (594 steps in total). For those of you who have read the blog for a long time, the obelisk reminded me of this (redirects to a page). We then walked back (with wobbly knees), to the USS Constitution.

20140706-214324-78204468.jpgUs in front of the USS Constitution
We toured the USS Constitution for a little bit, looked at the cannons, went underneath to another floor that featured a spacious 5′ 8″ height. This un-claustrophobic room made dad bend over, and I barely was able to stand up. There were also 24 cannons in this room, 12 on the top deck. After touring the ship for a while, we had lunch at “Paul Revere’s favorite bar” that featured classic american food. While eating, dad and Anna watched Wimbledon (as the apartment we are in does not have ESPN). We also saw skywriting that said #gosox. This image did not enter the photostream, so I can not insert it :(. After Wimbledon ended, we went to the Apple Store. To get there, we took the (T). They have tickets, and CharlieCards. (Cue music). We chose the ticket, and boy is it complicated. They give you a whole bunch of numbers, and you have to figure out which numbers you have to use and multiply that by how many people you have on your ticket, and then go through the gate 1 at a time, and give the ticket to the next person in your party. We finally got on the train, and left twords Boston (across the river). The intercom litterly sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher on drugs. (Wha wha wha wha whahh. Wha wha ohwa wa wa). Why is it that Charlie keeps on popping up on the MTA/MBTA? We finally got off of the train, and went to the Apple Store. There were 3 stories, the first being for Macs and Apple TV, the second for iDevices and Macs, and the third for genius bars. All of these floors connected by a circular glass staircase. We saw another church (with Box Pews), that was used as a place for people to speak mainly during the revolution, but still used today, and then went home to crash for a little bit. Afterwards, we went to have pizza. The restaraunt accepted Cash Only, but in all fairness, so do all of the other restaurants in Boston. After Pizza, we had Cannoli with the Kellys. We shared our experiences over the past day, and showed each other pictures, in a very crowded restaraunt. The phrase Italian Grandmas describes it all. If you aren’t pushy, you will never get your Cannoli, as people will push in front of you. Some of these people were Italian Grandmas. We were able to get 2 tables, resulting in 8 seats, perfect for the amount of people. We just got home, and now we are going to bed. This is what we did today.


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