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2 down, 6 to go (David)

by on July 7, 2014

Here’s a little checkpoint, at the end of the first 2 weeks of our trip.

Key stats:

5 states (ME, NH, VT, MA and RI)
8 hotels/apartments
1,400 miles in the car (mostly in Maine)
Lotsa cannolis

It’s going really well. We’re on a good rhythm; it was nice to settle for a few days in one place in Boston, but we’re traveling light and we’re all good at schlepping our stuff from apt to car to hotel, so changing from one place to the other isn’t painful.

Renee and I agree that so far the trip hasn’t had the stunning experiences of our others…. no matter how good the ice cream is in Quechee Gorge, it’s just not going to compare with London, or Istanbul, or Greece, or etc. The point of this trip was to immerse the kids in the history of their own country, and we’re certainly doing that!

Anna and Alex are enjoying it as much as anyone their age could. Sure, they’re excited to jump onto their i-Devices at the end of a long, hot day. But they’re excited to get out into the world also, and we see many smiles on their faces. The reality of how they see our days is that Anna is having more fun than her (reluctant and forced) blogging shows, whereas for Alex blogging about yet another old ship (often cryptic, we know) is often more fun than being there…. although the excitement of finding a good selfie or a fun pun that he anticipates blogging about makes the experiences work for him.

Renee and I also agree that this trip is less emotionally draining on us than the last years… we don’t have to learn a new language, figure out a new subway system, or find our way around a new city every few days. Having a car also saves us the pain of the long walks back to an apartment on a hot afternoon with a week’s groceries on our backs.

But Renee does miss having our own kitchen all the time like we’ve done before… she just recoils at seeing the kids dive in to yet another carb-loaded breakfast in a hotel restaurant.

So…. so far, so good. Things will get hotter and muggier (hopefully not buggier) as we work south…. the next 2 weeks take us from Rhode Island, through NYC and others, to a full week in DC.

Good night from Goat Island, Newport, Rhode Island!


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  1. Uncle John permalink

    Ahhhh. Newport & Goat Island. Love it there. That’s where I got on the Coast Guard Barque Eagle with Walter Cronkite. Did you buy a mansion? Did you get to see the Belted Cows in Cambridge ME? Tried to tell Renee about them.

  2. Lucy permalink

    So basically what you are saying is that if we average the fun Anna seems to be having and the fun Alex seems to be having, we’ll land somewhere near the truth? 🙂

  3. Mary Ann Draeger permalink

    I miss Renee in the kitchen too. One of life’s great pleasure is entering the Beaver Home to the aroma of Renee’s cooking. Keep up the search for the best ice cream cone on the East Coast. Check out Gray’s if you haven’t yet!

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