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Lizzie Borden (Alex)

by on July 7, 2014

Today, we drove to Newport Rhode Island. We started by going to the Mayflower II, a replica of the Mayflower.


To get on, we walked on a metal gangplank. We then looked at the boat. It was the normal sailboat, 104 people could barely fit on it, a deck where the passengers slept, and a Captain’s Quarters. The Captain’s Quarters had a low roof, and had almost nothing in it. The room behind it was the worst. The ONLY toilet onboard.


There were many people that you could ask questions all of which had a Scottish Accent.

We then saw Plymouth Rock.


This rock’s natural beauty has the number 1620 carved on the front, has a crack down the middle, and can only be reproduced for the shops via styrofoam. There was a covering around the rock, that we all agreed looked rather ugly. White pillars with a white roof covering the point of the creation of the oldest village in America is a little bit weird.

After seeing this rock, we went to the Plymouth plantations. All of the people here, were full time actors (with Scottish Accents). When we entered, we saw a very interesting statue. The 20140707-202737-73657097.jpg of the day (selfe coming from some writing from the 1600s by a pilgrim who also just happened to be the creator of Val-speak 😛


For a better view, here is a non-selfe:


If you haven’t noticed, this is the Mayflower II on a cow. And one more thing about the selfe, this guy really created Val-speak when he wrote Selfe and Were Like both in the same paragraph written in the 1600s.


Not my fault that Apple screwed up the SCREENSHOT! How can you screw up a SCREENSHOT?!? (Rant about screwed up screenshots, over)

After seeing the plantations (including asking How many kids do you have and not getting the reply that we were expecting), we drove to Fall River, Mass. (Cue music[links to Lizzie Borden on Spotify]).If you have heard this song, or listened to the Spotify link above, you probably have heard about what Fall River is famous for. (Hint: “Elizabeth Borden took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks!”). Some local person bought up the land that Lizzie’s Father owned, and thanks to the Chad Mitchell Trio for marketing, created a BnB on the land. We took our picture in front of the sign:


From there, it was a short trip to Newport Rhode Island. Our hotel is on an island in Newport Bay called:


For a map of where we are, go here [redirects to Bing Maps]. We had dinner, and there was a really funny message on the menu:


This is basically what we did today.


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