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Sitting in the Hall of Fame (Alex)

by on July 9, 2014

Today, we went to the Tennis Hall of Fame. There was a tournament going on, so we got to watch it. The first match we watched was a doubles match. We got really a really good view, from the same level as the courts.


We then went up to Center Court. The Selfie of the Day


There were 4 matches, and we watched all of them. All of those were single matches. The grass courts made the matches going really quickly, as grass doesn’t make balls bounce very high. Click Here to go to the official website and see the players After seeing all of the matches, we went into the Hall Of Fame. They were advertising as “Fun and Interactive exhibits”. What they actually meant was “Give us money so we can create more fun and interactive exhibits, rather what one of our staff created in 30 minutes on PowerPoint/Keynote”. The picture shown was CGI. The first room in the hall of fame, was the room about the creation of tennis (1700s-1900s). They had some touch screens that let you learn about the players (probably created in Keynote). In the second room, was about the Opens. Each corner was devoted to an open. Also, there was a touch screen that had a quiz about the rules of tennis (also probably created in Keynote). The third room was about the creation of Women’s Tennis. One of the very important people was Billy Jean King. She challenged a man to tennis (not very common at that time), said that she could beat him, and then actually beat him. She also created groups related to Women’s sports, Women’s tennis, and other groups. There was also a room related to the people being entered in the hall of fame in 2014. For a list of people of who is being added, look in the cycling header here. We got back to the hotel, went swimming, and are now going to get some sleep. This is what we did today.

List of matches at Tennis Hall of Fame


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  1. apple_is_good (Ishan) permalink

    Nice! Tennis is a cool sport. I just got your your postcard! Thanks!

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Love the selfie!

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