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Big Apple (Alex)

by on July 11, 2014

Yesterday, we drove to New York. We had lunch in Connecticut, and that was about it for the drive. Also, we saw a Tesla Supercharger Station


After about 4 hours, we left to see The Phantom of the Opera. The walk to the theater took us right by Times Square, so we took a quick look at it. There were people that were twerking nude with the American Flag painted on them in Times Square, which was not a pleasant sight. Lets just say that Times Square was overwhelming both with digital signs, and without. One thing that I thought was interesting was that GOOGLE had one of the only non-electronic signs. We then had burgers, and saw the show. I don’t know why people keep on talking about “Broadway” being this amazing thing, but the seats were just as comfortable as the FOX THEATER (in Redwood City), and besides the fireworks (that you couldn’t see because it was so blinding) it seemed like one of the high school productions in California. I also thought that the plot was very confusing. After the show, we went home (stopping by Times Square again).

The Selfie of the day


As we got home at about 11:00 last night, we decided to blog today. This is an overview of what we did yesterday.


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  1. apple_is_good (Ishan) permalink

    Ya, I felt the same when I went to NYC.

  2. Uncle John permalink

    Wow! You must have a very talented high school theater department.

  3. Aunt Ginny permalink

    A selfie in Times Square…cool.

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