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Miscellaneous thoughts (David)

by on July 12, 2014

– The kids are pretty overwhelmed by Manhattan I think… you can see it in their posts. It’s partly from staying up until 11 every night; partly going straight to TImes Square our first hour in town, partly just….. Manhattan. Anna is freaking out when hemmed in by big crowds (she’s never told us she had that feeling before… although to be fair this isn’t a Manhattan thing; she first said it in Boston at the fireworks). Alex of course is the boy who likes (and likes everyone else) to follow the rules… guess how well he handles all the jaywalking, or the way taxis drive??

They’re doing OK, and having some good moments, but I don’t think this will go down as their favorite place on this trip. (Sorry, Aunt Ginny)

– I’m interested to notice that I’m more comfortable in NYC this time than I’ve been on previous trips here… previous times I felt like the kids do, but after a few summers in other big, crowded cities, it’s OK for me now.

– We knew Phantom of the Opera was going to be a bit of a stretch for the kids… we played the soundtrack in the car on the way here and tried to explain the plot. Anna loved it… came out saying “THAT WAS AWESOME” … but Alex enjoyed Cats more.

– My goodness, how many Dunkin Donuts stores can there possibly be in the North East? For a while we were teasing Anna by trying to distract her attention when we saw one coming (“Hey Anna, look over there, there’s a cute kitty cat!”) but now we’re just worn out on that.

– In Maine I taught the kids that when you see a really big granite rock all by itself in the middle of a field, it’s called a “glacial erratic”, dropped there by the glaciers that covered the North East 20,000 years ago. (Plymouth Rock is a glacial erratic, for example). That been another little ongoing joke of this trip… and probably for the rest of our lives.

Some photos that didn’t make it into the kids’ posts:

It was fun to stand this close to Sam Groth, Australian tennis player (who has the unofficial record for fastest serve ever at 163 mph) while he was serving. One of his serves hit a linesman who had to be taken to first aid!


Fun view of the face of the Statue of Liberty… from inside! See nose and mouth…


“Give us your tired, your grumpy, your huddled masses yearning to get a seat on the next boat off Liberty Island”…


We’ve resolved to no longer post photos of us eating sweets, so here’s the last one!



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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    The crowds, the lights, the action…maybe this explains to you all why I am so hyper!

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