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The Golden Door (Alex)

by on July 12, 2014

Yesterday, we went to the Statue of Liberty.


There was a boat that left from Battery Park, that we took to get to the Statue and Ellis Island. When we got to the statue, we walked up to the crown. The walk up was on a narrow staircase, and you could see the inner workings (we wondered how it survived many hurricanes).


The crown was very tight (vertically and horizontally), and our entire family agrees that the view is better from the rivers and Manhattan. We then walked back down, and looked at the museum. The coolest item there was one of the earlier torches. We then went to Ellis Island. There was a cool movie, and not a lot of other things. They had a museum, that mostly contained movie posters. We did get to look up my great-great grandfather in the online Ellis Island records. Want to look someone up? Click Here We then went back to Manhattan, and saw Grand Central Station. The terminal was nice, but the platforms weren’t so much. I suddenly appreciated the subway when I saw the commuter rail platforms. They had concrete, dimly lit, and all in all, just dreary. The subway at least had white tiles in between the halls and the concrete. I also suddenly appreciated BART platforms even more, because they are nicer (and probably cleaner). After seeing Grand Central Station, we went to the Empire State Building. Sure we got a great view of Manhattan, but this is an office building. They also built it in 11 months, which was record-breaking. We also were there at 22:00-23:00, which might also be the fact that I was tired. This is what we did today.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Wow…the crown has been closed forever. Pretty cool that you got to go up in it.

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