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2048 (Alex). [clarifications by Daddy]

by on July 13, 2014

Yesterday, we went to mid-town/Rockefeller Center. We started by hanging out at Central Park. There was a really nice place to hang out at Central Park, which was on some of the above-ground bedrock.


We then went to the Lego Store, as we were passing it. We did not buy anything, but found something that Anna enjoyed.


If you do not understand what this is [Anna’s favorite sci-fi show “Dr. Who”], go here. The picture goes (from left to right) TARDIS, Doctor (Matt Smith), Dalek (in Dalekian, they call themselves EXTERMINATE or EXTERMHAGEN).

We then went to The NBCUniversal Experience. This “experience” was a store that contained Minions (Universal), a massive Comcast logo made of M&Ms (not for sale)20140713-221154-79914228.jpg, a Matt Lauer cardboard statue flat thing (not for sale)

20140713-221304-79984532.jpg, and a bunch of other things related to NBCUniversal. Even though this was NBC/Universal/Comcast/Xfinity/Awkward_advertisements Inc., you could not get Xfinity service for $89.99 ($119.99 after the first twelve months).

We then went to the American Girl store :(. This was mainly like any other one (congrats to NYC for not encountering the bag’s wrath), except for one memorable view:


This makes me wonder what really goes on in the factory

After this, we got the best combination of stores imaginable (sarcastic, of course). Macy’s (I did not feel magical despite the ads), and then Forever 21 (I accidentally forgot the 1 when typing it the first time). After that, we went to M&M World. This was a M&M Store that had giant M&Ms, Purple, Turquois, etc.

Finally, we went to the Apple Store. The only important thing was the cube. The store was crowded, and not that different from any other Apple Store.


Lastly, we went to see Cinderella [musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein] which was pretty different from the Disney plot.

Today, we went to the 9/11 museum. This museum was a little hard on everyone, as there were videos of the towers falling, audio recordings of messages left to family, and the medallion of Uncle Phil’s boss who died during the Pentagon attack. The audio tour app was ok, but was a bit confusing. Pictures are not allowed in any 9/11 exhibit, so we got no pictures. There were really cool fountains in the plaza where the original buildings stood.


We then saw [musical] Newsies, which was surprisingly good, even though it is about to be shut down [to go on national road tour]. After Newsies, we saw Maleficent [movie] at the AMC in Times Square. There were about 6 escalators that we took, totaling in 12 stories (as the escalators skipped a floor each time). Lets just say that auditorium 24/25 is pretty high up. We were above most of the e-billboards, with the exception of the ones next to where the ball drops. We really enjoyed Maleficent and then will be going to bed now.

Note that yesterday was “Manhattan Henge”, when you can see the sun going down the middle of the “valley” of buildings. This year’s appeared on Washington Square. Also, while we were in the restaurant having dinner, Dad was playing [his favorite iPhone game] 2048, and got the 2048 tile.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Ah…I feel like I’ve clicked my heels and am home in NYC!

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