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The thunderstorm (Anna) πŸ˜ž

by on July 14, 2014

Today, there was a HUGE thunderstorm. It was really scary, and we were stuck at the dinner restaurant [that we walked to] for a pretty long time. I was really scared, and it was really loud. We ate really good ice cream, and were able to get a taxi to get to the hotel.

Before the thunderstorm, we saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The Liberty Bell was underwhelming, and we were wondering if it would be so famous if it didn’t have a crack in it. Independence Hall was not as expected, but it was air conditioned, so it was nice. We learned a lot of interesting facts, and Dad would not stop reciting the Preamble to the Constitution. [We the people, in order to form a more perfect union….]. I am now tired and am going to go to bed. Bye!


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    I have a funny story to share about the Liberty Bell…

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