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Mint then mint (Alex)

by on July 15, 2014

Today, we drove to Gettysberg. The first thing we did was go to the Philadelphia Mint. The way that the tour was designed, you walked on walkways that were above the part that makes the coins. There also was a museum that had the history of coins. One of the things we learned about was the way that the U.S. Government was very strict about that coins that hit the floor were not to be used again. Lets just say that the Mint has a very shiny floor, that has circular pieces of metal overlapped in it that would otherwise enter the coin circulation. By that I mean that there were coins EVERYWHERE! The touch screen displays (that were not of the best screen quality) had videos of different processes used in the Mint. Not a lot of coins were being produced, and they were supposed to be able to make “50 Million Coins in 30 minutes”. The factory was obviously not in full swing, as the conveyor belts were almost empty. After seeing the Mint, we went to Valley Forge. The first thing we saw there was a “story time”. The company running the story time, Once Upon a Nation, is a non-profit that specifically does free stories about the revolution. The story was very interesting, and was about how the soldiers were trained at Valley Forge. After that, we saw a movie about Valley Forge, and why the soldiers settled there. The British had taken over Philadelphia, so the Continental Army wanted people close by to scare the British, but still safe. There was a competition of who could build their house first, and the winner was rewarded $12 dollars, and a place to sleep that was not under the stars. Just after the movie was a ranger tour that was very interesting. It was that ranger’s first tour, and he did a good job. We learned all about Valley Forge, and saw some of the houses (replicas). There was a driving tour that we could do, except we decided not to, as we just wanted to see George Washington’s headquarters (for those of you who would want to do the driving tour, and don’t have unlimited calling [even though most carriers have unlimited calling] or have a plan on a carrier outside of the United States, the tour is a phone number that you call, so it may cost you a bit of money). With the headquarters was the train station so people could see the park before automobiles. The train tracks are now owned by Norfolk Southern (a cargo rail company) and the station has turned into a museum. George Washington’s headquarters was a rental house (that he rented for 6 months), and had 3 floors, and could sleep 20 people at most. 70-80% of the house is from George Washington’s time, which I thought was very interesting. For desert, we tried #1 and #3 best ice creams in Gettysberg. Dad got Mint Chip at the #1 parlor. Today was very interesting.


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  1. Uncle John permalink

    You got your money for nothing and your tour for free….

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Are we running out of money?!

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