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Fireflies!! (Anna)

by on July 16, 2014

Today, we saw fireflies! We also saw a civil war battlefield, but fireflies are a MUCH better topic than killing people. The fireflies are everywhere, and amazing, because I have not seen fireflies in several years. At the battlefield, we went on a ranger-led tour. We actually just started on the tour, but stopped, because the other people were confusing me and had brought their books to double-check every word, and were confusing. [Civil war buffs debating with the ranger whether the 18th Ohio Regiment was correctly following orders when moving 100 yards across a field, etc. – David]. After the tour, we ate dinner and AMAZING ice cream. I got rainbow, and really liked it, but Alex and Daddy did not like it. Now we are getting an early bedtime, so bye-bye!



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  1. Uncle John permalink

    Happy Birthday Anna !!!!! Love John, Candy, Lauren & Rachel

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