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Almost Heaven (Alex)

by on July 17, 2014

Today we drove to the District of Columbia. For an overview of our day: 3 states visited, 1 District Visited, 2000 miles driven so far (as of Maryland). We started by going to Virginia. We did not stop by, but we drove through. After about 10 minutes in Virginia, we entered Maryland. I thought that the Maryland countryside was one of the prettiest we’ve seen so far. After driving through the “pan handle” of Maryland, we entered Almost Heaven, West Virginia. In West Virginia, we went to the Harper’s Ferry Nat’l Park. There was a parking lot at the top of a hill that we parked at, and then shuttled down to the park. Some sights there included the place that John Brown took over (Bing it), other buildings in the town, the B&O Railroad (not a building), and 3 different trails (including Appalachian and Ohio). There was a tour guide that told us about the places that were taken over, and how John really did not plan out well. We then drove to D.C. I respect that the city was planned out in the 1800s, but the diagonal streets really create some complicated GPS directions [hem hem Garmin]. The apartment was nice (except for as Anna says “Alex, the WiFi isn’t working”). We went to Safeway, except AMEX was not happy with the Safeway check out [more likely not happy with using the card in 4 states in one day], and Mom had to use her Visa card. At 7:00, we met Dad’s friends [Dad’s friend Chuck from college with Karen and daughter Marin] in Virginia. We had dinner in the revolving restaurant on top of a hotel (part of a Double Tree) with a great view of the whole DC area, to celebrate Anna’s birthday [continuing our tradition of celebrating Anna’s birthday in the highest possible place in the city we’re in on July 17]. This is what we did today.

The armory that John Brown took over


Walking a bridge over the Potomac River



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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Love the photos…you’re all so happy.

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