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Misc thoughts on today (David)

by on July 18, 2014

– I’m finding it useful to annotate the kids’ posts with clarifications or etc; my comments will be in [square brackets like this].

– Going to Harper’s Ferry was a “good surprise”. We had a few more hours than needed to get from Gettysburg to DC, and we were only 20 miles from West Virginia, so we thought we’d detour there for lunch and check off another state. On the way we saw the sign for Harper’s Ferry, and Trip Advisor said there was a good restaurant, so what the heck, we took Exit 19 and went to see it. Great fun! Beautiful little town at the junction of two rivers, with many bridges, the Appalachian Trail, and exciting history about John Brown trying to start a slave rebellion by capturing all the weapons at the Federal armory.

– It’s shocking to you (and us) who watch the weather reports on TV that show huge storms in the Northeast, but…somehow the rain has mostly missed us. We got wet at the Shaker village in Mass, at the fireworks in Boston and at ice cream in Philadelphia, but those are the only times we’ve had to pull the umbrellas out. Gettysburg weather was spectacular, and fingers are crossed for DC this week.


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  1. Mary Ann Draeger permalink

    What will I do for entrainment when you get home!

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