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When in the course of human events (Alex)

by on July 18, 2014

Today, we went to the Air and Space Museum (on the mall, not Dulles). We started by seeing To Fly!!! At the IMAX Theater. This IMAX theater, though built a long time ago, still gave some people (as the Smithsonian says) the feeling of motion, and others the feeling of motion sickness. This theater was not a dome, except it still gave us the feeling that we were flying. For the record, dad remembers seeing To Fly!!! the first time he was in DC. After that, we saw a planetarium show, which was also good. Later, we saw all of the airplanes. There was the Wright Flyer, Space Ship One (now owned by Virgin) that had the airplane number N328KF (328,000 feet or 100 kilometers nicknamed ‘space’). After a while, it just seemed like “OOH There is another plane”! After that, we went to The National Archives. We saw the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Lastly, we went to see the House of Representatives office building. Dad showed us the office he used to work in (now used by Tampa area), and told us some stories. This is what we did today.



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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Interesting day. Alex, you look apprehensive in the photo, and handsome, as always! Anna, cool t-shirt, another Hard Rock!

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