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Monument, Monument, Monuments (Alex)

by on July 19, 2014

Today, we saw many different monuments. The first one was the Capitol. There was a guided tour, and we were the first tour. Due to supply and demand problems, during the summer they cut short the tour, and during the weekends they cut short the tour, so we got a really short tour. It turns out that the solution is show up at 421 Cannon, and ask for an intern tour (421 Cannon being the office for out congresswoman). We took a quick look at the Library of Congress, but only saw the Thomas Jefferson’s Library part) to avoid all spoilers for tomorrow’s tour. The next place we went to was the White House. There was very little to see, but the rooms seemed a lot like Buckingham Palace, Versailles, etc. The security, however, was insane. You started by getting your photo id checked. Then, you got your photo id checked again. Then they had signs saying Canines at work; Do not pet and Do NOT use cell phones at any time. After that, they had a machine that sniffed you for chemicals. Once you passed the machine, they checked your photo id! Once you got through the photo id check, you went through the metal detectors. Finally, you got to enter the White House. Also, the computers (including the gift shop) were Lenovos (nothing against Lenovo), but “Patriotism of our National Government” apparently does not account for computers Made in China by Chinese companies (don’t even get me started on the fact that the staff use Canadian smartphones that are Made in China). [I am aware that I used a capital M and C in Made in China, as that has become the most common text used on any product that you can buy in a store or online] After the White House, we went to the International Spy Museum. This museum is not owned by the Smithsonian, cost money to enter, was appealing to some people more than others, and needed about 4 hours of your day. Yes, the Beaver family spent 4 hours in a museum. You started by choosing an identity. You then entered an “Orientation Room”. After that, you could take a quiz to see if you knew your facts well. Once you took the quiz, there were a collections of movies, interactive exhibits, artifacts, air ducts that you could crawl through, audio streams of microscopic microphones in the museum, and pre-recorded audio. Lets just say that it has been the most interactive museum that we have been in. At about 6:00, we had dinner with the Kellys. Later, we saw the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Einstein Memorial, located on or next to the mall. This is what we did today.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Well Alex, your stories are more detailed than Anna’s. I hope you get paid by the word! Where are all the photos!!!

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