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Monuments and Museums (Anna)

by on July 19, 2014

Today, we saw the Washington monument, Vietnam memorial, Lincoln memorial, Capitol, White House, Library of Congress, and Spy museum. The spy museum was the best part. There was a really cool James Bond section, weapons section, and section on how to be a spy. We thought that it would be a one-hour thing, but we were in there for four hours. At the beginning, you choose an identity, then at the beginning and end get tested on it, and I aced both tests. It was really fun, and we saw a bunch of really cool things, including some of James bond’s cars. Well, I need to go to bed now, so bye bye!!


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  1. Lucy permalink

    I’ve been to the Spy Museum. It’s super fun. Glad you were able to spend some time there!

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Anna, are you a future spy in the making. Sounds pretty neat. I did a Segway tour in D.C., a fast way to see all the monuments.

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