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Two bottle whiskey for the way (Alex)

by on July 20, 2014

Today, we went to Mount Vernon with the Kellys. The first part was the main house where George Washington lived. We took a tour of the bottom floor, and saw the kitchen. Lets just say that houses were different during the revolution. The 2nd part was a tour of the slave areas. We heard about how George Washington freed as many slaves as he could, and then gave them all paid jobs as he did not like the concept of slavery after the revolutionary war. We saw where the slaves slept, and saw some photographs. To be honest, I was expecting more, but yet again, it was restored by donations. After seeing the main house, we saw where whiskey was made. The idea of the Washingtons making whiskey was given by the person in charge of agriculture who came from Edinburgh (that explains why whiskey of all drinks). We saw a water mill in action (which I thought was really cool), and some barrels sitting waiting to be distributed. To give an idea of how successful whiskey was in 1799, whiskey made up 45% of all profits on the plantation. After the whiskey tour, we went to the Arlington Cemetery. The first part was the changing of the guards, which was a lot more efficient than the ones at Buckingham Palace, though still took a long time. After the guards changed, we went to see the tomb of Kennedy. The flame was still burning, and I thought that gas is probably pumped into the flame. Of course, the cemetery closes right as we get there. That is what we did today.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    All very important and a sad part of our history. Solemn.

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