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Back to the future (Alex)

by on July 22, 2014

Today, we looked at more government buildings. We started by going back to the Capitol, and seeing areas that were not part of the main tour. There were three areas that we saw. The first was the old Supreme Court (which looks nicer than the new one, except smaller). After that, we saw the House floor and the Senate floor (except from above). The House was not in session, but the Senate was, so we got to see some Senate voting. I thought it was sort of interesting to see the Senate vote, but it went downhill from there, with people talking to nobody else about the airplane shot from the sky, and then a rant about how there isn’t a thing called global warming. And by nobody, I mean that there were some people there who just were staring at the people ranting (most of them pages), and the people in the stands. All of the 99 other Senators left. After the Capitol, we went to the Library of Congress. At the Library of Congress, we saw some paintings, the “main room” and a bible that there are 2 others that survived from 500 years ago (one in Paris, and one in the British Museum). The staff at the Library of Congress think that these 3 bibles spent 400 years in a basement in Germany. Later, we went to the Supreme Court. We saw where the people meet, and saw a museum. There was a lecture about the room, which was not boring (as it was 25 min. long). The marble staircase is very bright, and after leaving the building, we had to squint to see properly. We are now going to go to the Marine Corps show. This is what we did today


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