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Fun day ….. (For Daddys especially)

by on July 22, 2014

At some point between 13 years and 53 years old, the significance of historical stuff starts to make sense. (Probably right around 21 when your mind is open and the world is new and you get to live and work in DC) . So as the 53 year old in the crew, here’s how to make a day that’s pretty high on the “as good as it gets” scale:

– Get a bit of private access to the special rooms in the Capitol that you remember from 30 years ago that are no longer on the public tour: the very serene and majestic old Senate and Supreme Court chambers (thanks to Anna in Congresswoman Eshoo’s office for bending the rules and helping us out)

– See the Senate in session and get the rare chance to see them actually vote (on a Judge appointment) so you get to see many Senators that you recognize (this is a political junkie’s equivalent of being on the Oscars Red Carpet)

– Take your family to lunch at the Tune Inn, a venerable DC burgers-and-beer dive that you used to go to with your friends in 1981


– Tour the Library of Congress, including seeing probably the two most beautiful public building spaces in the whole country, and also seeing Thomas Jefferson’s private library that became the foundation of the Library of Congress with many of his actual books, and oh by the way seeing a Gutenberg Bible too


– Tour the Supreme Court, including sitting in the main courtroom…. so we’ve now covered all 3 branches of government


– Have a front row spot at the Sundown Parade of the Marine Corps Band and Silent Drill Team, with the setting sun illuminating the Iwo Jima memorial and its huge flag and the Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington monuments and the Capitol in the background, as the band plays “The Stars and Stripes Forever”




PS: OK, at the cost of making Mom cry, I’ll go there: then end your day at the Pentagon Memorial to 9/11, which was very nice but especially nice that Uncle Phil was just barely in the right place in the Pentagon on that day, so visiting the memorial is a lot less personal than it might have been


(Sorry Mom)


Different parts of our day worked differently for the kids: Alex was most amused by the mindless speeches in the Senate, Anna loved the Library and wants to get a library card when she is old enough and check out books; Anna loved the Marines doing tricks with their rifles, and Alex quickly picked up the emotion of the 9/11 memorial. Let’s see how they write about it.


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  1. Uncle John permalink

    Remember when we just walked around the Supreme Court building, looking into the justices offices. Bet you can’t do that today. — I’m sure you took me to the Tune Inn in 1981.

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