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Bed no breakfast (Alex)

by on July 24, 2014

Today, we went to the Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport. This one was more interesting than “the Mall”, as you could see airplanes landing and there were more airplanes. Some of the airplanes were Concorde, Virgin Global Flyer, Discovery, Blackbird, and lots of others. There also was an IMAX theater, which we saw 2 movies in. The two movies we saw were The Dream Is Alive and Hubble. We also saw most of the airplanes, Anna’s favorites being the Blackbird and Discovery (she kept on saying “thats so cool” so much that if I recorded each time she said it, I could make a 3 minute song). My favorites were the Concorde, Discovery, and Virgin Global Flyer.


Discovery Space Shuttle


To be honest, there were so many planes that I could not write about them all. Some others that we liked, however, were the little tiny airplanes. I also noticed that a lot of airplanes either said for their manufacturing area California or Wichita, Kansas. Later, we went up to the observation deck, where you could see some airplanes landing. We saw CRJ regional jets, Q series turboprops, A320, 737, and the 777. Lets just say that United dominates the airport. United CRJs, United Turboprops, Virgin America A320, United 737, and United 777. After the museum, we drove Sperryville, Va. We are staying at a B. B stands for bed, rather than a B&B which is a Bed and Breakfast. This is what we did today.


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