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Self-[s]inking quill (Alex)

by on July 27, 2014

Today, we drove to Williamsburg. The first place we went was the Monticello visitor center. There was a movie, that automatically lowered the curtains and dimmed the lights (which Anna thought was pretty cool). We also saw a museum that had lots of interesting facts about the architecture of Monticello, and how it was inspired by ancient architecture. We also learned about how the house was almost completely rebuilt, the 2nd version having the dome. There also was a creepy animation that could’ve been better if it was done with the original Technicolor. Basically, the “man” blinked every second, had his eyes move positions every second, and sometimes could do very creepy smirks. Next, we went to the Michie Tavern, which was a really good southern restaurant. Later, we went to the University of Virginia grounds, and saw the main area and serpentine walls. Finally, we got to Williamsburg. Once we got there, we walked around and saw the grounds, and started the spying RPG [game] that uses texting to give you clues. I am really enjoying the RPG. Mom calls the pens we are using “self-inking quills”. This is what we did today.


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