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Miscellany (Alex)

by on July 28, 2014

Today, we toured around Williamsburg. The first thing we did was the orientation tours. The tour talked about the different areas, and the events. After that, we went to hear “the publisher of the newspaper” talk about the “recent events relating to the revolution”. Later, we played more RevQuest. While playing RevQuest, we learned some of the codes, and solved a couple of codes. Afterwards, we saw George Washington speak, then did some spy-related activities. Some of these included de-coding messages and observing. Later, we saw the Marquee de Lafayette speak. I thought that this speech was a lot better than the George Washington speech, as it had a lot of personality in it. Furthermore, there was a really cool “parade”. For an idea of what the parade was like:


The parade started with the band, then the explosions of muskets and cannons started. This is what we did today.

I was looking at the blog through the iPad app on the account that we were posting from. This is something that I saw:


The Beaver family follows the Beaver family. 😛


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