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Creepy ghost stories (Anna)

by on July 29, 2014

TodAy, we heard really creepy ghost stories. The first one was sad, the second one was CREEPY, and the third one was mixed. In the first one, the man’s dogs died, which was sad. In the second one, the ghost lady was going to murder people and screamed REALLY LOUD! The third had some loud parts, but was confusing and sad at the same time. I am now sitting scared on my bed, hoping not to get attacked. Mom just randomly asked me if I was blogging and REALLY SCARED ME!!! Before the ghost tour, we jet Thomas Jefferson. He talked all about the problems, and how they needed to be resolved. We also saw a crowd storming the palace to talk to the Governor, and helped deliver a petition to him. I now need to go to bed and hopefully not have nightmares, so Bye bye!


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  1. Uncle John permalink

    Boo !!!! Did I scare you ?

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