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Rev[erse]-quest (Alex)

by on July 29, 2014

Today, we toured around the “Revolution City” along with finishing RevQuest (if you want to try RevQuest, click here to go to The first event we did was protest the king’s taxes called storming the castle, though we never did get to storm the castle. After that, we heard Thomas Jefferson talk about the “recent events”. This was similar to the printer from yesterday, except from Jefferson’s POV. Later, we went to see the campus of the College of William and Mary, which was in the middle of excavation. Fourth, we went to the courtroom, and heard about if a certain guy was a spy for Britain or not. After that, we heard Patrick Henry speak. Lastly, we did the ghost tour. The ghost tour was really fun, and we got to hear some stories. Also, it was amusing to hear people screaming when “actors” creeped up behind them. The three stories were about a person who died and his two dogs died about a minute after, which ended up saving a little boy’s life, a woman who was thought to be crazy, and was made fun of, and a man who was in the military. I also thought it was interesting that at the end, the person leading the tour had said “thank you for getting tickets for this tour and giving us a job, as we are employees and are not payed by the donators”. This is what we did today.


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  1. bill permalink

    This sounds like it was a really fun day!

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