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Backtrack (Alex)

by on July 30, 2014

Today, we drove to Chapel Hill, NC. The first thing we did was go to Yorktown. If you don’t know about Yorktown, this link is just as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica. [This is a reference by Alex to the ongoing debate of whether Wikipedia is accurate or not, and a study we discussed today that showed that it, and Encyclopedia Britannica, are both about 80% accurate]. There was a visitor center (which we saw a movie at) and a tour of the “details of war” in which Dad played George Washington. After about an hour driving, we got to a really good walk-up BBQ, in which the restaurant was a shipping container, and the kitchen were smokers outside (I also forgot to mention that it was next to a toilet repair shop in what an area I imagine a horribly-maintained Redwood City would look like after a massive earthquake. It even had the train station that hosts diesel powered commuter trains (sounds like CalTrain).



[I had said to Renee “let’s keep trying to avoid fast food chains like we’ve done so well so far, can you find a good barbeque place near us on trip She came up with this one….. A great find, even though yes, it was in a long-run-down industrial section of a town in Virginia ]

Fast forward three hours… We finally got to Chapel Hill. We got out of the car and met our friends the Stockmans. After walking around for a while, Anna and Mom are staying for the night at the Stockmans’, and Dad and I are at the Hampton Inn nearby. This is what we did today.


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