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Third Time is NOT the Charm (Alex)

by on July 31, 2014

Today, we drove to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The first place we stopped by was Biltmore. Biltmore was built by George Washington Vanderbilt (from Breakers) II. The grandfather made a fortune, the father (who built Breakers) tripled it, and George Washington Vanderbilt II spent it all.


For some info on Biltmore, here is a screenshot that I took from


The first paragraph says it all. This guy spent money like there was no tomorrow, yet earned money like it was going to magically come to him (in other words, this guy spend money all the time, and did not earn money pretty much ever). This left a massive debt to his wife and daughter, who ended up selling part of the property to create a national forest, and sold more land as money was needed. I also forgot to mention that the Eisenhower Interstate system goes right through the middle of the property, though not visible from the house. For an idea of the interior of the house, George was constantly going to Europe with his architect for ideas, and ended up liking the idea of CHATEAUS. When you walk in the house (after a two mile driveway), you are greeted with an indoor garden. The dining room is about 3/4 the size of our house, there are 120 year old elevators and service elevators that STILL WORK, indoor swimming pool, indoor gym, indoor bowling alley, walk-in refrigerator, breakfast room, 250 rooms total, 13 bedrooms on the 3rd floor (more below), indoor plumbing, many different porches, massive libraries, each servant gets their own room, bell system, synchronized clock system, silk from France, etc. Along with the house, there is a greenhouse and garden [some features added later are farms, massive hotels, stores, village, and an insanely long driveway to leave the property]. Later, we arrived in Gatlinburg. We just had dinner and are now going to bed. This is what we did today.


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