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Smogies (Alex)

by on August 1, 2014

Today, we went to the Smoky Mountains National Park. There was not a lot to do here, but there were some driving loops. We decided to do the one closest to Gatlinburg, which was supposed to last approximately 1 hour. Ironically, there were signs that talked about how there was too much smog. Also there was a sign at one of the historical cabins that said:


Bob was a man who vandalized on a cabin, and got reported, so he had to pay a $100 dollar fine, which was great for the fact that if he went to court, he could have been fined $500 and imprisonment.

After that, we went gem mining. On the way, we saw an interesting sign. We have been confused about our directions in Tennessee (the compass in the car is always 90˚ off), and this sign did not help. The sign basically said that we were going north on one highway, and south on another at the same time! In reality, we were driving west, which made no sense.


Once we got to the “mine” we started “mining”. By “mining”, I mean sifting sand through a sifter and seeing what was left. There also was a mini-golf place across the street that had water being pumped on a waterfall on the roof of the entrance that was “Smurf Blue”. Lastly, we saw the Dixie Stampede. The Dixie Stampede is a show very similar to the dueling we saw in Germany, except this one was indoors. There was a very efficient process for dinner at the show, which was give the first 20 people the food, refill the food, and continue.

This is what we did today.


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