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Sweet Home, Alabama (Alex)

by on August 3, 2014

Yesterday, we drove to Alabama. Along the way, we stopped by Ruby Falls, and got LICENSE PLATE BINGO! We started by up the elevator seeing the Chattanooga Choo Choo station. This building/hotel/train-station/restaurant was pretty underwhelming. After that, we went to Ruby Falls. It was raining pretty hard at Ruby Falls, so we had to circulate the parking lot a couple of times. Once we got into the Ruby Falls Visitor Center, we took an elevator down about 260 feet to the entrance. After walking through a cavern, we got to the falls.


At about 9:00 (after going through a time change) we arrived in Alabama.


Today, we visited many relatives. The first relative we visited was Cousin Tim (and saw Ben and Nana there). We spent lots of time at Cousin Tim’s farm, driving Polaris and Four Wheelers. Unfortunately, Ben had to leave at 10:30, so we watched Cousin Tim shoe mules. After Cousin Tim, we saw Mom’s High school science teacher (Ms. K), Mom’s friend from High School (Donna Moody), and her granddaughter. We went to a really good place for lunch with them. Lastly, we saw Aunt Linda, Uncle Dale, Cousins Rickey and Randy and their families. We hung out, and Anna was very nice to play games with the little girls.

20140803-211330-76410630.jpg This is what we did today.


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