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Town, Home, Playground, Ocean (Alex)

by on August 5, 2014

Today, we visited more relatives. We started by walking along the road that Aunt Ann lives on, without water (which was a mistake). We walked to the lake and back, but at 90˚ and 97% humidity, we really enjoyed Milo’s Sweet Tea afterwards. After that, we saw Grandpa Jimmy at a restaurant in Winfield. This lunch was a really good Southern Buffet (#1 restaurant in Winfield, AL on TripAdvisor). Furthermore, we went to the Natural Bridge (Located at the Natural Bridge exit on Appalachian Development Corridor X). This landmark had a town named after it, was a home/playground to Mom when she was little, and used to be an ocean. Finally, we hung out at Aunt Linda and Uncle Dale’s. Callie, a little girl that is somehow on the Courington family tree (I am not sure where, but she is somewhere on it), played with Anna and I. We also saw many of our other cousins. This is what we did today.

[We figured out that Callie is “3rd Cousin Once Removed” to Alex and Anna]


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