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Biscuits no Gravy :( (Alex)

by on August 8, 2014

Yesterday, we did the Equal Rights trail in Montgomery. The first thing we saw was the memorial. The Equal Rights memorial was a really cool “water fountain” that did not actually have water fall, but rather had water travel down the under-side of the fountain. This “fountain” had the names of 40 people in the Civil Rights Movement, and some events. The Equal Rights Memorial Museum had a movie, information about freedom riders, etc. After that, we went to the Rosa Parks museum, which started with two films, and then had some documents/period-correct-items. This museum, rather than being target about the whole Civil Rights movement, was just about Rosa Parks. The second movie was really cool, because the screens were inside a “bus”. Lastly, we went to a Montgomery Biscuits baseball game, Unfortunately, the Biscuits lost against Chattanooga (2-8), and Gravy (their pig mascot) wasn’t there, but other than that, the game was good. How can you complain about a team called the Biscuits with their mascot called Gravy (who is alive bacon)? Also, they had better music/screen-effects than the Giants. I enjoyed the game a lot. This is what we did today,

(I also forgot to mention that Molly the bird did a really good job dancing to “Wagon Wheel” [popular country song].)


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