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Sunshine on my shoulders (David)

by on August 10, 2014

Our blogging for the next week won’t be all that exciting… this is our “vacation within the vacation” week. We have a very nice, huge, rental house close to the beach and there will be much laziness with the Wendlandts (Renee’s sister Donna plus husband Eric and kids Ben and Hannah) and Cousin Olivia (daughter of Renee’s brother David). David plus Renee’s Cousin Tim and his wife Sandy were with us today, so here is the whole gang:


Front row: Alex, Ben, Donna, Sandy, Hannah, Olivia
Back row: Renee, Tim, Eric, me, David, Anna

The golf cart for getting to and from the beach is great fun.


(The kids are very sad that you must be 16 to drive it)

Renee says that Destin is the best beach in the whole world, the warm, transparent gulf water and powdered-sugar sand being much better than the cold and rocky beaches of silly old Hawaii. She has a point:


Walking on the beach at 10pm with a warm breeze under a “super moon” is a nice way to end the day



Ps: Thumbs up to Roger Federer and Venus Williams for great runs at the Montreal tennis tournament. Yay for people over 30!


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