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The 11th Hour (Alex)

by on August 14, 2014

Yesterday, guess what we did? WE WENT TO THE BEACH! 🙂 If you know what the beaches look like, then you know what it was like, if you don’t know, the description is in a post below. After that, we had lunch, and the girls went shopping while Ben and I went swimming in the pool (my hands were one key over from where they were supposed to be, so the word pool turned out as oiik). The pool (there I go again with the oiik thing) was warm, and there weren’t a lot of people in it. We also figured out that it is possible to have two apostrophes in a word such as y’all’s’ (being the plural possessive of y’all). Finally, most family members had hamburgers for dinner, except Anna, Ben, and I had Fish Fingers and Custard. Fish Fingers and Custard (BBC America) This is what we did yesterday.

By the way, Fish Fingers and custard is really good. 🙂





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