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New Orleans (Anna)

by on August 16, 2014

Today, we drove to New Orleans. There, we ate beignets, and had alligator fries. The alligator tasted like chicken. Beignets are French donuts, and they have a mound of powdered sugar on top of them. We also walked down this street [Bourbon St] that I think that Alex, Hannah, Ben, and I were the only people under 18 on. There were a lot of clubs, but luckily we went at
6 pm, so there were not a lot of drunk and naked people yet. We also heard some street music, and saw bats. The bats were amazing, and flying around the church roof. There were fortune tellers and palm readers in front of a Catholic Church, where those things are not fully believed as true. So far, New Orleans has been loud and exciting. Bye bye!

Alex is tired and hates the noise so is going to bed without blogging.




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  1. Ali Fraser permalink

    I am caught up with the blog, and I see you are flying home tomorrow. I’m in awe of this 5 week trip and all you’ve done. I have lots to add to my bucket list after seeing your pictures and reading your stories. Have a safe trip home! – Ali Fraser

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